Monday, October 25, 2010

Boots with the fur.

Sorry for the delay in posting. Here's some preposterous random-ness for your blog-reading pleasure...
  • Last week sucked. Not going into details. However, the end of this week brings lots of candy and ridiculous apparel that I wish would be acceptable in everyday fashion, so I'm thinking this week should be much better.
  • I always admired my Great Grandma Lang, who passed away when I was about 14 or 15. She loved owls and had an entire collection of owl trinkets. So, although I loathe birds entirely and believe that one day, all the birds sitting on telephone wires are going to swoop down and attack me (leaving me pecked at and blinded)... I smile whenever I see an owl. Anyway, I just started working at a different branch of my job to make some more money on the side. When I took my first potty-break there, I noticed an advertisement hanging on ladies room wall for a hot-line helping woman who suffer from domestic violence. The ad had four pictures of different women on it, one of which was my Great Grandma. No folks, she was not abused... she had her hip replaced at the same hospital I work at, and I'm guessing she agreed to let them take her picture to help with the cause. My point is, every time I go to take a leak, I am reminded of how sweet and smart she was, and I almost feel like it wasn't coincidental that her picture is there. Life is crazy that way.
  • Speaking of my job, I have officially met someone who is, without a doubt, more of an oddball than yours truly. I'll just give you one anecdote and you may decide for yourself. As I was trying to maneuver around him, in an already extremely confined area, he swiftly attempted to use his invisible nun chucks to prevent me from having access to my destination. Please try to envision my facial expression.

  • Although, the previously stated altercation was quite disturbing, I have a sick and twisted amount of respect for people who publicly make fools out of themselves. I have always been a person who most would consider outgoing and extroverted and I think that we need more people in the world who are comfortable enough with themselves to outwardly express that, yes,  they are a little off-beat. So, here is one of my favorite youtube videos of all time, which gets right to the essence of all goofy-ness. Enjoy. (Focus most of your attention on the Red-Head.)

    Now, can we please all just try to get low like that kid? Be sure to stretch properly beforehand.

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