Monday, November 1, 2010

Scary Things Scare Me.

After reading my last post, you now understand that I enjoy Halloween, but I guess I should have been a little more specific. I like the fun parts of Halloween. The dressing up, the candy, the entire idea of getting into character (it's the performer in me). But, will someone please explain to me why people enjoy being scared? I don't get it... at all. Fear is a basic instinct, built into each one of us to keep us away from danger. So, I'd like to inform the people who pay money to go into haunted houses and to see scary movies, that you are lacking something very important in your biological make-up and may want to consult a physician. Trust me, I get the whole "high-off-adrenaline" thing, but being scared poop-less is just not fun. If your body is trying to tell you to stay away from something or someone, you should probably listen to it! Thank me for this advice after you watch the news one day and see that a crazy axe murderer was kind enough to take his kids to a haunted house and then decided to show the "actors" how it's really done.

Anyways, now that Halloween is over, it's time to embrace the fact that I'm going to have to start gathering all my nuts and berries, since I basically hibernate for the 4 months of cold that Ohio never fails to bring us. In my book, cold weather coincides with being scared, both being things in life that I don't particularly enjoy. And here is why...

Nicole's List of Reason Why Cold Weather Sucks
  • I'm not as coordinated as I once thought I was. Ice is evil.
  • I bruise like a peach, so when I fall on ice, I arrive at my destination looking like a severely battered woman.
  • I am well-known for choosing to opt out of a shower in the morning so that I can sleep for 20 more minutes (unless I'm stinky, don't worry), but you can't really opt out of scraping your car windows. Or you can, but then you have to suffer through the pain of explaining to your mother why you were launched through your windshield because you didn't realize you were merging into oncoming-freeway traffic, instead of onto your exit ramp.
  • I don't like shoes. I'm a flip-flop wear-er. And socks add so much extra laundry into the mix.
  • I freak out when the bottoms of my pants get wet. Don't ask me why, but it's always been a pet-peeve of mine. It's hard to avoid this in two and half feet of frozen tundra.
  • As people get older, appropriate Christmas gifts for their age group get more pricey. Whatever happened to being happy with getting a box of legos for Christmas? I'm sorry, I can't afford Gucci penny-loafers, Pops. (This is a lie, my dad asks for socks and underwear every year, but he never gets his wish.)
  • If you want to dress practically for cold weather, you are forced into looking like the kid from "A Christmas Story". I'm a single gal, and this look is in no way, shape, or form helping the cause.
(I guess I shouldn't be complaining, since my mom is very thrifty and has found that keeping the temperature of the house at a brisk 62 degrees saves major cash... I'll be burning plenty of calories with all the shivering I'll be doing this winter. Just kidding, love you Mom. Please don't smack me.)


As most of you have probably already noticed, I like to change the subject a lot. This is partially because I suffer from severe A.D.D. (which backwards I've decided stands for Damn, I Dont want to pay Attention), but mostly because this is my blog and thus, I can do what I want.

Originally, I had planned on making this blog about random things I want to talk about, when and how I want to talk about them. This still stands true, except I recently considered doing a more inspiration post, since there is more to me than just plain goofiness, and I want everyone reading this to understand that. So, I chose to make a heart-warming video to share with you all and I hope it lifts you up to the place of inner peace that I found while making it.

Please, don't judge me.

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