Sunday, October 3, 2010

And away we go...

For those who are curious, I'm going to begin blogging some of my random thoughts throughout the week. This is mostly because I like the sound of my own voice, but I've heard from multiple parties that I tend to be a little loud and obnoxious in person (a quality which I utterly resent), so I figure this might be easier on your eardrums.

Well... for starters, let's go with this...

I don't understand why skinny people don't sweat. Doctors and scientists around the world, please correct me if I am mistaken, but from what I have learned in basic biology, human beings and mammals alike sweat to cool down our bodies so that we don't overheat. It's a form of temperature regulation. Thus, I don't get why when I see skinny people running down the street, they are not sweating. Are they bionic humans? Are they aliens? Am I really that out of shape, that I need a shower after I run a mile and a half? I think the last time this thought crossed my mind, it was because a thin woman ran past me on the street and the smell of Downy fabric softener was what she left me with. Are you kidding me?

Thought numero dos...

I got very depressed a few days ago. The reasoning behind this was that I realized I am getting old. And the reasoning behind that was that I caught myself saying that "all music made now-a-days is complete crap."... a phrase I distinctly recall "old people" using when I was obsessed with the Hanson brothers and N'Sync and found myself defending their honor, to the point that I felt I was participating in teenage debate-warfare. But really, current music playing on the radio is horrible.

Last but not least (For now, anyway)...

I watched Last of the Mohicans today with my dear old pops. It made me want to live off of the earth and run around with nothing more than a loin cloth and a tomahawk. So, if I'm not on here posting for awhile, it's because I've decided to leave society as I know it and live in the woods about a mile down from my parent's house.

That is all for now, more weird ideas of mine are to follow. Hopefully.


  1. nicole you are weird.

    but you are an amaaaaazing writer. i think i know what you should do with your life. write an amazing series of books and become a millionaire. but really i think you could.


  2. Pretty interesting stuff here, just don't leave us all hanging too long on your next post.

  3. don't it make you wonder

  4. Kelli - Thank you. I think. Haha we'll start with this first and see where it takes me.

    Thanks guys :) I really do promise to try and keep this up because I really do enjoy writing!

  5. Oh i can't wait to read more and learn more about what goes through your head, very nice Nicole!



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