Monday, February 14, 2011

I survived...

About 14 years ago, there was an awful flood in Southern Ohio, which affected many people and their homes, including my Grandma. It was the worst flooding that the area had seen in over 30 years.

Living smack dab in between two hills with a creek on each side, you can imagine that this was a scary time for my Grandma. But, being the resilient lady that she is, she made it through the adversities that this mini disaster placed before her, and now a sign that says "I survived The Flood of March '97" hangs proudly on her wall.

Of course, I have never had to deal with anything remotely close to The Flood of '97... but on this very day, exactly one year ago, I did have to deal with a mini-crisis of my own.

It was Valentine's Day and once again... (wah, wah), I was single. When I woke that morning, I knew I had many blessings to be thankful for, so I decided to try and maintain a positive attitude as I got ready for work.

Before you continue to read, you should know that I worked in a gift shop... where every purchase on Valentine's Day is going to someone's boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, life partner, mistress, secret admirer, etc. So basically, every transaction I ran through our register felt like a dull knife, twisting in the wound of my loneliness. Oh yes, and I had the bright idea of covering someone else's shift on this particular day, so that they would be able to have a hot date with their lover.  Therefore, I worked a double shift, and got to experience twice the amount of procrastinated retail romance! Yay.

When the time came for me to clock out for the day, I thought to myself... "Self... this day has been rough, I'm going to treat you to a KFC Mashed Potato Chicken Bowl tonight!" (Which, if you have ever seen one, looks something like Thanksgiving Dinner on it's way back up, but tastes like heaven in a bowl-form.)

But, I never got to KFC that night. Want to know why? Well sure you do...

As I turned down a side street on the way there, I blew out one of my tires. I'm fairly certain that last February wasn't the warmest month in Ohio. Oh, and it was also pitch black outside. Perfect tire-changing conditions!

Now, my story did have a happy ending. My ever-so-wonderful Dad came to my rescue, like a knight in shining armor, and changed my tire for me. And although that night I really couldn't appreciate it (since I had already regressed and began acting like a hormonal teenager), I now realize something important about being bitter on Valentine's Day. Single people have to understand that being single on Valentine's Day isn't the worst thing that has ever happened or will ever happen in their life.

We just need to quit our belly-achin', ditch the miserable attitude that brings everyone else down and continue about our business today.

This being said, I've decided to commemorate last year's struggles by making a plaque that reads...

"I survived Valentine's Day 2010"

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